CCTV and how it can add extra security to your business

CCTV is a well known security measure taken by not only banks, casinos and big factories, but also by many small shop owners.  Closed Circuit Television is a visible or covert video cameras system installed on the premises and the footage is available to the eyes of the business owners. Some choose to have the cameras out in the open in order to use them as a mean of discouragement for less bold burglars and some choose to hide the whole CCTV system so the burglar want try to avoid it in case of a break in.
Just recently we all heard of a store burglary gang arrested in south Wales thanks to CCTV footage. The arrest investigation wasn’t easy, local police authorities watched hours of CCTV footage to identify the burglars vehicles and identities, but after 5 months of burglaries the gang was finally on trial.
London Locksmiths UK always advise small business owners such as family owned restaurants, convinience shops, and small service providers to have Closed Circuit Television installed. It’s a bit pricey security solution, but it can save you a lot of money and protect you from burglary attempts for years to come.