When you might need a locksmith service?

Well the answer is obvious you may say, I need a locksmith for a lock change in my new flat, for making an extra key, for a lock repair on my front door.
How about an emergency? What should you do when you locked yourself in your car or locked yourself out of your house? To many people in UK the answer is not that clear, otherwise how can you explain the fact that many choose to call the fire department instead of a locksmith?
There are more and more complains from fire brigades not only in London, but in other parts of the UK as well, of people calling them for lockout services. And recently Sussex fire chief had announced that due to the enormous “locksmith service” call outs, the  callers who choose to use the fire brigade as a locksmith will be charged for the service.
Any person who is considering to call a fire department instead of a locksmith, should just stop for a moment and think, should he waist the valuable time of the fire brigade, or should he call a 24 hour locksmith service.
A profesional locksmith won’t charge you the earth and will do a clean job opening your locks without any damage to the door or the lock. Fire fighters are experts in their own field and the last we checked it was fire fighting and not locksmithing! So next time you are locked out do yourself a favor and call a locksmith, it will probably be much cheaper for you and for all tax payers in the UK as well.

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